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A dock (in English) or dok (in Czech) is a place, figuratively and simplistically speaking, where ships find peace and safety. We wish we could be a similarly peaceful and safe (and, of course, “tasty”) place for you, whatever the reason for your visit to DOCK HOUSE may be.


The open lava grill is the heart of our entire restaurant. The smell of the meat, the sizzle of the fire, the flicker of the flames, the experienced grill master, choreography of the preparation of your steak… These are the essential components of the DOCK HOUSE concept that keep our customers coming back regularly. We really appreciate the favour and confidence of all of you.


Whatever you wish (within the law, of course), we’ll do our best to fulfil it. We are here for your family lunches, dinners or parties (put your children in the children’s corner, that’s what the children’s corner in DOCK HOUSE is for), for your meetings with friends, colleagues or business partners, for your corporate events… Just say – your wish is pleasure for us.


Every weekday we offer a different lunch menu, of course together with our regular offer, from starters to main courses to something sweet. We pride ourselves on freshness, seasonality and variety. We would like you not only to enjoy the cuisine at DOCK HOUSE, but also to be entertained and perhaps even (pleasantly, of course) surprised.


Premium quality beef is our DNA. Selected regions, selected suppliers, selected “tastes”. The range of doneness is exactly to your requirements. With sauce, side dish, salad… Can’t you choose for yourself? We at DOCK HOUSE will be happy to help you!


Since 2006, when DOCK HOUSE was founded, you have eaten and drunk tens of tons of meat, wagons of vegetables, fields of corn, tankers of beer, giant barrels of wine… We can say that we are proud of the fact that you enjoy our food. And at the same time we are obliged, but not bound.


Credibility and genuineness are other of the values we adhere to. At DOCK HOUSE, you won’t find a “cube in a slip” or macromolecular cuisine that denies the laws of nature. We would like to be your partner. And you can count on a partner, just because he has no need to play anybody he is not.


The drinks range is perhaps not far behind our menu. Quality wines, from the “basic” to the first quality and unique wine. Beer from the brewery in Dalešice. Our own flavoured spirits. A varied offer of homemade lemonades produced directly in DOCK HOUSE for your refreshment and cooling or warming up.


We almost always have energy to spare and the DOCK HOUSE team is a joy to work with. Sure, we’re only human too, and it probably sounds like a cliché, but come to us and you will see, smell and taste. We are looking forward to seeing you!


General Manager

Dock House is my second home. I wish it could be your second home, too.



We are looking forward to seeing you. Come and see that we love doing “it”.



My great-uncle Jean Reno drinks wine only. Unlike him, I understand wine. I am looking forward to tasting it with you.


Deputy Chef

The grill master is like a conductor. Our guests are the audience. I hope you will enjoy our repertoire.


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